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Quality full bike service at MK Cycles


price is for labour only - replacement parts extra

The mid range service we offer. This involves a thorough check of all the moving parts on the bike.
Suitable for bikes that have seen more than 6 months regular use or 12 month infrequent use.
This service can take up to half a day to complete.
We provide you with a job sheet with all the work carried out, parts fitted etc.
An annual reminder will also be offered via phone or email

Wheels removed & brake pads checked for wear & debris
Wheels checked for wear to rim or disc & condition of tyre
Inspection for play in wheel bearings & tightened as required
Wheels trued where necessary

Brakes & gears checked & adjusted where needed
Drive train checked for wear
Drive train lubricated
Headset & bottom bracket checked for free movement, adjusted & torqued correctly
Safety check - check torque settings on stem, handlebars, crank bolts, seat post clamp & wheel fixing

All prices include Vat, storage fees, all lubricants, cleaning products required.
Please note that we would appreciate the bike being collected within 2 weeks of job completion. After that we reserve the right to charge storage at £10/week to cover lost revenue


Andy Fox 16th Jan 2015

“Just a quick ride home from the bike shop to see how she rides.

Thanks to the lads at Mk Cycles she running sweet again”

 ”It feels like a new bike now lads”

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Lee Curren 5th March 2015

“Ta for sorting bike out mon it's jazzin”
<MK  Thanks Lee, for  taking  MK kit to new heights!>

Ducati Sue - 11 Sept 2014
Hi, You just serviced my Giant blue bike.
With little spendable budget for such things, I felt a bit cautious about spending £50 on a mini service, but I ride my bike daily and need it for work.
As soon as I got on and rode away from the shop, it felt brand new again. For someone like me who can't do their own maintenance, that was fantastic!
Thank you so much - Sue