MK Cycles April
MK Cycles April

MK Customer Spotlight April 2019

Dennis has been one of MK Cycles most loyal customers over the years. We really do owe a lot to people like Dennis, thank you for sticking with us all this time :)

Name: Dennis Kearns 

What Bike(s) do you have?

Three bikes a giant mountain bike two road bikes a Pinerello and a Kinesis race light 

When did you start cycling?

Always had a bike but didn’t start cycling properly until I had to stop running which was in 2009. I cycle three times a week Tuesday/ Thursday/ and Sunday covering about 70 + miles a week.

Where is your favourite place to cycle?

Favourite place is the Lake District but for cycling it’s Majorca

How long have you been coming to MK Cycles?

I have been coming to MK cycle for about 20 years.


Cycled from Bolton to The province of Malaga for Derrian House children Hospice. Cycled from Paris to Birmingham for children in need. Cycled from Manchester to London in 24hrs for Christie’s. Cycled Mount Teide on Tenerife for pleasure. Cycled 6 of the classic cols of the Tour De France and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.