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MK Customer Spotlight May 2019

Name - John Hesketh

What bike(s) you have?

I have 3 now, so keeping Ryan busy. I started out with an Orbea, which I now use as my winter based bike. I then have a Carbon Dolan bike, this is now my main bike (& will be the one I will use for Ironman UK). Recently I have just purchased a TT bike, so hopefully, this will become my main triathlon racing bike moving forward.

When and why you started cycling?

I only started about 4 years ago, prior to that it was all about football. A friend of mine wanted to do the Manchester - Blackpool bike ride, so we signed up for that and that was the start of it. After doing that I decide to get into Triathlon and this has been my focus ever since & I've never looked back. Really wish I got into it at a much younger age.

My family has always been into endurance sports, with both parents having done a number of marathons & my uncle completing a number of Ironman races, so I'm guessing you could say its in the blood.

How much do you ride?

During the winter, I'm just a weekend warrior, with mainly the use of the turbo during the week. As soon as the clocks & the weather changes I try and get out a few times a week.

Where’s your favorite place to cycle?

Currently its the South of France, with the roads being so smooth and the traffic being really quiet it makes a perfect place for cycling. Not forgetting the fantastic mix of hills & flat fast sections.

However I'm off to Majorca in April, so this might change.

How long have you been coming to MK Cycles?

For about 18mths now. I was out on the bike one morning and had an issue with the bike, so popped into MK Cycles & met Ryan. I've been going there ever since. It's also an added bonus that the cakes are so nice as well.

Do you have a goal this year?

I actually have quite a busy year planned. I've recently finished Wigan 1/2 Marthan, Manchester Marathon & also the Cheshire Cat Sportive. I've off the Majorca next for a cycling holiday and also taking part in the Mallorca 312. Then after that's its all about the triathlon season, I'm competing in the Outlaw 1/2 in Nottingham, the deva 1/2 in Chester. Then its Ironman UK in July followed by Ironman Italy in September.

So I expect to be keeping Ryan busy in the next few months.