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MK Customer Spotlight October 2019


Melody Dunne


Do I have to b honest 😂 49 😱 acts 19 😂

What bike(s) you have?

....Felt ... ( it’s known as my little b*****d ) don’t know if I can say that 😂

When and why you started cycling?

I started cycling 3 years ago. Needed a challenge. Hadn’t been on a bike for 30 odd years ... I’m more of a long-distance runner. Couldn’t do front crawl ... Never run a marathon ! So what do I do .... sign up for IMUK 2017 obviously.

Training for IMUK was certainly a challenge but try training when you are jet-lagged. I’m a long haul air-stewardess, the body clock is constantly a mess! Looked and felt shattered all the time ... enough to scare the passengers off 😂

How much do you ride? 

Erm .... not enough but had a good excuse ... had a full abdominal wall reconstruction

(9 hernias repaired ) 

Not through any of my training. My Surgeon messed up when I had 1. So been out of action 6/7 months. Soon as I’m fit and able I will be back on the b*****d 😂, oops I mean the bike 👊💪   

Where’s your favourite place to cycle?

Got to be the IM route .... laughed from start to finish ... happy, memorable memories 💪 

Can’t beat a good scenic route.

How long have you been coming to MK Cycles?

As long as I’ve known Sam Grange. She told me all about em. 

Service with a smile .... oh and tea and cake 🎂